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Libraries For All is a group of community members from throughout Jackson County, Oregon who support keeping our libraries open by forming a special district (similar to a school district).

In the 2014 May Primary Jackson County voters will have an opportunity to approve the formation of a Library District. Without exception every city in the county voted for inclusion in the district and it is now up to us to persuade voters to support this important effort.

Becoming a district means that our libraries will move out from under the governance of the County and will enjoy the stability of a permanent tax base and leadership of a separately elected board whose sole purpose is to guide our libraries. Although the new board of directors will determine days and hours of operation, the proposed district funding offers hope for expanded services at each library.

The library district will be on the ballot for all Jackson County residents in May, 2014.

You can contact Libraries for All by calling 541-482-9843 or by mailing PO Box 786 Medford, Oregon 97501.