Ashland Chamber Endorses Libraries for All

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Public Libraries Build Strong Economies

Libraries, like public education, have become an important drawing card for economic development in a region. 

Businesses today can locate anywhere and look for clues that reveal the foundation of a robust community.  Investment in public education, public libraries, civic buildings, and parks typically reveal community pride and an educated workforce. 

Creating a library district is an important step in stabilizing funding and maintaining consistent library hours and days of operation. Like a school or fire district, a library district is directed and managed by an independently elected, volunteer board whose sole purpose will be to oversee the business of the library and ensure its future success. And, through a special district, voter-approved funding cannot be used for any other purpose than for libraries.

Libraries in Jackson County remain a common thread that ties our communities together: They provide a space for our children to gather and study, help seniors maintain a vibrant, connected life through classes and home-deliveries of reading materials, provide community meeting rooms, and access to the world.

Supporting the creation and funding of a library district is good for our communities, our citizens and our economy and that is why the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse it. 

Please join us.

Cindy Bernard

President, Ashland Chamber of Commerce