Ballot Measure 15-122 Formation of Library District

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Jackson County (by referral)

15-122  Formation of Library District with Dedicated Funding for Library Services

Question:  Shall County-wide Library District be formed with permanent rate limit up to $0.60 per $1,000 assessed value beginning July 2014?

Summary:  If approved, Jackson County Library District will be formed with dedicated funding for library services, including: programs; activities; books; materials; online resources; technology; Community outreach; operational and administrative expenses. District boundaries will include all territory within Jackson County. Formation of District would:

  • Provide permanent, dedicated library funding for library services, preventing immediate reductions in services, programs, activities and hours, and allowing libraries to retain, and possibly expand, service hours, educational resources and programming; library funding cannot be used for any other purpose;
  • Transfer library governance to separately elected, five-member public Board, removing library authority and financial oversight from Jackson County;
  • Empower elected District Board to endeavor to restore and possibly expand critical library services such as service hours, books, student and jobseeker support, online resources and outreach to senior citizens and other Community members;
  • Cap the permanent tax rate at $0.60 per $1,000 of assessed value, which cannot be increased; District is not required to levy full taxes each year; homeowner with taxable value of $154,210 would pay $92.53 per year.