Keep libraries for all ages

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April 7, Mail Tribune:

It seems like yesterday when my wife and young children were sandwiched on the sofa, reading through piles of picture books from weekly visits to public libraries. Exposure to reading in critical preschool years contributes to future academic success.

During their school years, more piles of books and tapes came home from the library: everyone from Albert Einstein to Meriwether Lewis and subjects from China to quantum mechanics. My personal favorite was “The Elements” by Theodore Gray, a gorgeously photographed hardback book that would have cost a tidy sum had we purchased it.

My mother’s physical condition kept her confined to a wheelchair in later life. The deliveries from the homebound service at the public library were her lifeline. Those books she devoured every week kept her mind active and her mood upbeat until her passing last year.

Let’s keep our libraries for all. Vote yes on 15-122. — Gerald Starchvick, Jacksonville