Libraries are a necessity

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March 23, Mail Tribune:

I don’t know what age group L.F. Moore (March 16) is, but his attitude isn’t anywhere near that of his peers. Libraries are for any and all ages. It’s part of what makes a city/town attractive and vibrant.

It’s not the library’s fault they aren’t open full-time. Their funds were taken and consolidated into the country general funds and used indiscriminately, leaving them with nothing.

I’m certain there are things he expects and likes that the city/county provides that are of no use to the rest of us. But libraries are vital to the encouragement of reading by small children and continue onward through middle age and elderly. The extra money isn’t “for nothing.” Think of it as aid to deterring young people from roaming the streets and giving the elderly a place to go keep their minds active, vibrant and communicate with others of all ages. — P. Moran, Medford