Libraries are essential

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April 20, Mail Tribune:

Thank you for the coverage Sunday about the Libraries for All campaign.

In the Q&A section, it said, “Property owners would pay 60 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.” That is a cap. The initial assessment could be much less.

I am not a library user, but I support the campaign to create a library district to end the rollercoaster funding of libraries in the county.

When I was a parent of school-age children, many of those who did not have children in school voted for special school levies, believing that strong schools help build strong communities. I did the same when my children were grown.

That is why I support the library district measure, because I believe a community without libraries is weakened — weakened not only because needed services are denied to thousands of users, but also because such a community is less able to attract new residents, new business and new investment. — Jim Flint, Ashland