Libraries mean education

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April 20, Mail Tribune:

Libraries are part of the education system.

Library programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers help to develop an interest in reading well before they start formal schooling. Reading is a key component of education. Throughout elementary, high school and college, libraries can supplement the materials available in schools.

After completing their formal education, adults can continue learning and expanding their knowledge, thanks to the wealth of materials available in the libraries. The 15 libraries in the Jackson County Library System are a treasure well worth the average $9,253 per year that it will take to keep them open.

Those who protest supporting a facility they do not use are short-changing themselves. Many people no longer have kids in school, but supporting schools still benefits the community as a whole, and supporting libraries also benefits the community as a whole. Closing the libraries will put an end to the finest method of continuing education ever devised. — Carita M. Culmer, Ashland