Support library measure

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April 26, Mail Tribune:

I appreciated Ryan Pfeil’s article about the May library ballot measure (15-122). If I were asked to identify one place that truly exemplifies the “heartbeat” of my town, it would be our vibrant and welcoming library.

The Medford library, and its sister branches, are a mainstay in the lives of my family, and the loss of this resource would be devastating. Since my first son was six weeks old, we have attended the library almost every week, and been nurtured as a family by the early literacy programs, the friendly volunteers, the outstanding librarians and the Friends Bookshop. It is a bright spot in our week to experience local art, informational opportunities, and a safe, happy environment that caters to learning and creativity, rather than simply commerce.

Thank you for following Ballot Measure 15-122. I hope fellow readers will support our libraries and vote yes on this measure! — Tiffany Wyatt, Medford