Support library measure

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April 13, Mail Tribune:

When I was in the sixth grade on the Big Island of Hawaii, I went to a tiny school consisting of two rooms and grades K-9.

The school was remote, on a North Kona ranch called Puuwaawaa. There was no library at the school or nearby. But, there was a Bookmobile that came to the school once a month.

I was captivated! Never will I forget walking into that old white van and finding books of all kinds, from floor to ceiling, and I could take my pick of whatever a sixth-grader would choose. And they were free!

I cannot imagine a place without libraries, so I hope everyone will support the bond measure that would set up Jackson County Library District. The district would provide permanent funding for library services and would prevent reduction in hours, services, activities, and above all, the threat of closures into the future. — Karen Foster, Medford