Thanks for library support

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April 20,  Mail Tribune:

Thanks to all of the people who are going to vote for a countywide library district, especially if you don’t have future generations who might use the library and if you can afford to buy any books you want.

At the library you can play Scrabble, take classes, read papers, borrow movies and music, exercise, look for a job, introduce your toddlers to stories, get free help with taxes. There are 133,932 library card holders; that’s at least how many reasons we need libraries.

At the library nobody cares what color you are, what language you speak or what you believe. And you can get a really good deal on copies.

So, thanks to you who don’t need the library but will support it anyway. Count yourself as the best of us because you have empathy for people you don’t know and a healthy respect for knowledge. — Joi Riley, Talent