Vote yes for libraries

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May 9, Mail Tribune:

Vote yes to form a library district for all libraries in Jackson County (Ballot Measure 15-122). The funds raised from a relatively small, permanent assessment on property value will only go to provide staff for libraries and make them accessible to all in the county. A five-member, publicly elected board will oversee distribution of funds.

Please read the information in your voter’s pamphlet and join those who argue in favor of the measure. Support for public services such as libraries means we all pitch in, whether we might use the service or not. Please consider especially the children, young adults and less fortunate who otherwise would not have access to the educational opportunities that libraries provide.

From any perspective, it is hard to imagine a region without libraries open to all. That tells a lot about what people value and why a family might want to live here. — Steve Haskell, Ashland