Yes on Extension, libraries

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May 9, Mail Tribune:

When I was at the Pear Blossom Festival, I stopped at the booth of FORE — Friends of Research and Extension. The volunteer pointed out that most people attending the festival would spend more money at the food and craft booths that day than they will pay in taxes in one year if Ballot Measure 15-121 passes: an average of $7.71. So true.

Passage of Measure 15-122 to assure the continued operation of our public libraries would cost the average Jackson County taxpayer more — $92.53, or less than $8 per month. My guess is that most of us spend at least $8 each month on things we can’t even remember consuming.

What we might ask ourselves is this: Will we continue to seek the good life by spending money on ourselves for transient pleasures, or will we find deep satisfaction in building a decent society for our children and grandchildren? — Herbert Rothschild, Phoenix